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Why BBNaija’s “Bisola Aiyeola” Is Still A Single Mother – Nigerian Journalist Writes  

Nigerian Journalist named Chris., took to Facebook to pen a long post detailing his reasons why he feels BBNaija’s Bisola, is still a single mother.

He wrote:

 “Guys can we talk? Please if you’re still single, do watch out for this kind of woman. .

Watching this video, I now understand why Bisola has remained a single mother. She’s too hot-tempered, uses vulgar words too often and NO man in his right senses will want to live with a woman with such aggressive attitude. Psalm 21:19. .
And I’ve noticed she speaks better English when she’s angry. That’s her real person showing right there 😕

Now, I agree she’s a bully. Guy, remove that thought from your mind that she’s going to change. That’s the problem. Yes, she might be talented, but when you begin dating someone like Bisola and your objective is to change her just know that you’re with the wrong person

Many atimes we enter relationships thinking we can change people. Forgetting the fact that, we have to understand who we are with first of all. Pay Attention 👀

Many of you might not agree with me, but it’s just My opinion! Ok, bye.”


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