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Who Is Zodwa Wabantu? Biography | Profile | History Of South African Celebrity Zodwa Wabantu Real Name Zodwa Rebecca Libram


Born Rebecca Zodwa Libram, Aka Zodwa Wabantu, who is a partying spree around Africa, she’s 32 years old & well known to always mix and mingled with her local fans.


Zodwa Wabantu Profile:

Zodwa Wabantu whose real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram is a South African socialite and dancer.She used to work for a debt collection company but later resigned to indulge in the entertainment industry.

Zodwa Wabantu Career as a Dancer

Zodwa became popular for her dance moves at Durban’s Eyadini Lounge and has since climbed the entertainment ladder. She and her friends used to visit the Rock Club in Soweto and she became famous for her dance moves.

Zodwa is a dancer whose craft in dancing has seen her become one of the most popular and renowned dancers. She works and dances for numerous celebrities, although her closest ties are with Durbanite DJ Tira.

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu was seeing among the celebrities who attended the Durban July at Greyville race course.
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng

Zodwa Wabantu Dress

On 1st July at the Vodacom Durban July party held at Greyville Racecourse Zodwa wore a black figure-hugging dress that had a high slit that left people speechless.The internet went a buzz about the dress since she was pantless and speaking to Sowetan she said she wanted to proudly own the fact that she doesn’t wear any underwear – and to flaunt her cellulite with pride.

“The inspiration behind it is that I wanted to be sexy and bold,” Zodwa explained. “I wanted to show I don’t really wear a panty. In the photos my cellulite is clearly visible, I wanted to show women we don’t have to hide what we are.”

According to the ‘Daily Sun’ she defended herself and said that she is a role model to a lot of people and claimed that the negative comments would not break her.

“People said I was a prostitute and compared my thighs to those of a chicken. But I won’t be brought down by these comments”

“I am a role model for a lot of people. People are able to face their challenges because of the example I set,”

Wabantu, reputably the most popular and renowned dancers in SA added that behind the dress and her dancing craft was a woman with brains and she had in fact landed a branding deal with an energy drink company.

Zodwa Wabantu Charging fee

Zodwa Wabantu charges between R10000 and R15000 for an appearance and MC gig.

Zodwa Wabantu Family

Zodwa Wabantu was orphaned when she was only 9 years old and she is a mother to one son.

Zodwa Wabantu Age

Zodwa Wabantu attained the age of 32 years old in 2017.

Things you might not know about Zodwa Wabantu

  1. Zodwa Wabantu is a dancer: Dancing is Zodwa Wabantu’s claim to fame and her craft has seen her become one of the most popular and renowned dancers in the country.
  2. Zodwa Wabantu is well-known in celebrity circles: Zodwa works and dances for numerous celebrities, although her closest ties are with Durbanite DJ Tira.
  3. Zodwa Wabantu is never shy about going nude: It’s clear that Sis-Zodwa is not shy about her body. Perhaps she will give Skolopad a run for her money?
  4. Zodwa Wabantu is a proud twerker: With moves like these, she could definitely take on some of the biggest twerkers in the country.
  5. Zodwa Wabantu has international connections: Zodwa recently captured herself at the BBC Radio 1 xtra offices but she wouldn’t say who she was accompanying. One thing is certain, she has an extremely strong network.
  6. She’s a Manchester United fan: While she was in the UK, she paid a visit to the city of Manchester where she captured a picture of herself outside Old Trafford.
  7. She doesn’t quite get along with Khanyi Mbau: Zodwa may have many celebrity friends, but one of them is not Khanyi Mbau. This comes after it was revealed that Zodwa had a thing with Khanyi’s ex-boyfriend.
  8. She’s a staunch feminist: While everyone was calling her dress ‘sleazy’ or slamming her for showing too much skin, Zodwa Wabantu dedicated her controversial outfit to women everywhere.


South African celebrity, Zodwa Wabantu,Shows up in Zimbabwe Without Panties, Insist That President Mugabe is AwarePopular South African celebrity, Zodwa Wabantu, known for her daring fashion sense and her distaste for wearing panties on a recent trip to Zimbabwe disclosed that she would very much love to meet with the country’s 93 year old president, Robert Mugabe.

Zodwa said before she made the trip to Zimbabwe some fans warned her to “behave” because that country’s president is a strict man.

She said;

“They were telling me that Mugabe does not allow nonsense. And as a result I would not be allowed into Zimbabwe because I am too sexy. Some feel I will be half naked and that he (Mugabe) knows that I don’t wear panties,” she told local journalists.”I would love to meet Mugabe if given a chance,”

“I don’t live a fake life. This is me: I am not expensive. I am a “kasi” person. I love you all. God gave me this body and I am using it,” she said to cheer

A local socialite paid US$2 500 (R32 500) to secure the VVIP booth at Club Connect where he and his entourage had exclusive access to Zodwa.



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