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Who Is Tope Oshin? | Biography | Profile| History Of Nollywood Actress Tope Oshin Ogun

Meet  Nigerian television and film director, producer and casting director Tope Oshin.

Tope Oshin Ogun is a multiple award winning motion picture professional with feet firmly rooted in both film and TV having extensive credits in both areas.

Tope Oshin is a director first, then producer and casting director who studied Theatre Arts, T.V & Film Production from the Lagos State University, Nigeria, and then studied Filmmaking Techniques & Methodologies at Colorado Film School, USA.

She has directed 350 episodes of Africa’s biggest soap opera “Tinsel”, and other credits are 3 multiple award winning shorts “The Young Smoker”, “Till Death Do Us Part”, “New Horizons”, the award winning feature “Journey To Self” and Mnet’s tele-novella, “Hotel Majestic”.

Among her producing credits are 26 made for TV movies, talk shows and soon to be released theatrical feature “Fifty” directed by Biyi Bandele, amongst others. She has also cast several projects and notable among them is Shuga 3.

Tope owns Sunbow Productions Ltd, and consults for EbonyLife TV and Promocom Ventures, amongst others in Nigeria. Tope describes herself as a “Filmmaker for Change” and refers to her very next production at any point in time as her best and most challenging.


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