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Who Is Steve Osagie? | Biography| Profile| History Of London Based JJC Skillz’s Manager Steve Osagie

Steve Osagie Is a social media guru who is behind some of our fave movie campaigns, one of which, is the just premiered, Obi Emelonye’s Last Flight to Abuja. Consultant to AY and Manager extraordinaire to the legendary Awoo Master JJCSKILLZ  and the entire BigBoyz team.

Steve, is one super busy individual, that one has to scheme, to keep still for a minute. Brimming with passion and conviction in his chat with MILLICENT IMADE AREBUN, Steve talks on life as a Super Artist Manager, Social Media Consultant and Marketer and  the purpose of AMA.

In 2012 Steve Osagie, was elected Vice President of  Nigerian Artist Managers Association (AMA). Steve Osagie, is indeed a man of many talents with an intimidating repertoire of skills.

Meet the man Steve Osagie
My name is Steve Osagie, I run Spotlight Management Consultancy, a management company and also Spotlight SMV, which is a social, mobile, video, media marketing and consultancy firm. A native of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, I grew up in Lagos, until i was fifteen, when my family and I moved to the UK. I have a degree in international marketing. Over the last fifteen years, I have been into music production and management. In the last five years, I’ve added, social media marketing expert to my repertoire. I have worked on and headed lots of social media campaigns from the UK and in Nigeria too. Most recently, on Obi Emelonye’s Last Flight to Abuja, featuring Omotola Ekeinde and Jim Iyke, which premiered in London last week. Mirror boy which featured Genevieve Nnaji  and won over eleven awards, the comedian AY and so on.

My management company ,also manage recording artists , one of which, is the legendary JJC, who formed the JJC & 419 Squad , the We are Africans Awoo Master and also manage the BigBoys all star team, which is the label that JJC aka Skillz owns. I love gadgets, basketball and movies. Making young talented individuals dreams, become a reality is my passion and profession.

I got interested in music management, when I was about eighteen and in college. I had a friend called Shadow ,who had great talent in rapping. I and a group of friends wanted to give him a good showcase/audience, so we had a showcase for him which turned out very successfully. I was the one, always looking at the business/marketing angle, strategically using the social media to best showcase/market his skills. I always knew that, talent and public acceptance/approval, must go hand in hand to bring, ones’ dreams ,to reality.

Excerpt From A Throwback Interview with Steve Osagie in 2012 below:

Social media, artist management and international marketing! How do you balance all three?
Every artist is in actuality a product, that has to be branded and marketed to the public so you see, all three profession are basically intertwined. The common thread of marketing and management runs through all three profession and social media aids that. My balance comes from passion and discipline.  The value is in the brand.

The invisibility and underrating of managers is widespread, why ?
Managers are actually background men, for they re the engines that keeps the ship going while the artist are the pilots and in the spotlight. From day to day planning , strategizing, executing, networking, a manager has to be able to work hard, be tolerance, flexible and astute. It’s just a perception that people have that artist managers don’t matter or are irrelevant, funny enough, the manager is the first person people blame when things go wrong for the artist. It is a perception that sometimes can be a burden but that where passion and value comes to play. As a manger I already have a certain value I want to add to the artist and that is the burning drive and focus that enables the manager disregard wrong perceptions.
On your recent appointment as the vice president of the newly formed Artist Managers Association (AMA), what is it aim, drive and purpose?
Every sphere of influence and profession have its association and we felt it was only right and timely that artist mangers have an association where managers advice, add value, protect, move careers, pool experiences together, for the benefit of the whole, and orientate/educate the public ,that artist management isn’t a hobby or social prop but a career/profession and should be taken seriously. We will do that by organising quarterly seminars, software materials and our website.

How can the association protect it members from an erring artist?
First thing we encourage our managers to do when they become managers is to get a signed written contract from the artist even if it is on a piece of paper. That way you are legally protected and an erring artist can be reasoned with, cajoled or forced to fulfil his part. For those who don’t have that, the association can step in the form of mediation.

Social media seems to be the new magic tool, why is that?
Social media is the necessary tool to reach not just your actual fans ,customers or clients but your potential ones, because you are not limited by geographical locations. it is an integral part of any campaign that is subject to public appraisal, acceptance and use.  It also opens up communication between you and your fans or customers which is a definite plus. But still, there are certain ways to go about using social media to maximise your brand and that is where the social media experts comes in.

You live abroad and yet manage campaigns/artists both locally and aboard, how?
My team is my leverage. I’ve got a great team and that makes it easy to handle all the campaigns and manage all the artists, successfully ,despite the geographical locations and time difference.



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