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Who Is Singer Shekhinah Donnell ? |Shekhinah Donnell Biography | Shekhinah Donnell Profile| Shekhinah Donnell History | Meet South African Singer & Songwriter Shekhinah Thandi Donnell

Shekhinah Donnell is the biggest star to come out of South African Idols in the last few years, Looking at the progress she’s made since she left the show in 2012, that’s probably a fair statement to make.

Shekhinah Donnell (born October 2, 1994), better known by her stage name Shekhinah, is singer-songwriter from Durban, South Africa. Shekhinah was among the Top 32 of MNET’s Season 7 of SA Idols in 2011 and also finished in the Top 6 of MNET’s Season 8 of SA Idols in 2012.

Shekhinah, born Shekhinah Thandi Donnell, is a wellknown Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter born in Durban, South Africa, who now resides in the city of Johannesburg, She recently completed a Music Performance degree at AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance).

After singing and performing for many years throughout her childhood and early teens, the young artist landed her first major gig competing in South Africa’s seventh Season of the hit television show, IDOLS, where she made Top 32. After being eliminated from the competition, Shekhinah proceeded to enter the competition in its 8th season where she landed in the Top 6 of the overall competition.

Ever since then she has been establishing herself as an artist on a national scale by performing at a variety of corporate functions, government events and public events. Now in 2016 we see her with 2 number 1 hit singles under her belt – namely “Back to the Beach” (featuring Kyle Deutsch) and “Let You Know” (with Sketchy Bongo) which is now signed under international record label “Ultra Records”.

In 2016 she also featured on the Black Coffee single, “Your Eyes”, and the Jesse Clegg single, “Breathing”. This talented songwriter and vocalist continues to pursue her dream to be the most formidable force in the South African music scene and is moving towards that goal with great strides.

During 2016 her hit song “Back to the Beach” was nominated for a Metro Music Award (MMA) and a South Africa Music Award (SAMA) but in October she won her first MTV Africa Music Award (MAMA). Shekhinah plans to launch her full music album in 2017.


Shekhinah returned to the music scene in 2015 and she hasn’t looked back since. Now, she is one of the best-recognised voices on radio and is on the verge of international stardom,

It might seem like she was destined for fame, but her childhood began with a lot of uncertainty. Speaking to Sunday World this week she revealed that she was abandoned at birth and adopted by the Donnell family

“I grew up in the care of my adoptive parents, but I was the closest to my father, Phil Donnell, who was always there for me and believed in my dream to be a singer and is very supportive of me. “

Speaking about her comeback single Back to the Beach she revealed that the reaction to the song took her by surprise

“I didn’t think we would be received this well. Kyle and I work very well because we know how to bring out the best in each other. I know what to focus on and he knows what to do when we are together, and that usually makes it easier for both of us to work together,”



  • “Suited” (2017) – Shekhinah
  • “Back To The Beach” (2015)– Shekhinah and Kyle Deutsch
  • “Let You Know” (2015) – Shekhinah and Sketchy Bongo

Her adoptive mother now lives in the USA. Shekhinah says she still keeps in touch with her,

  1. The singer and songwriter was born and raised in Durban in 1994 on the 2nd of October. She completed her matric in 2012 and is currently pursuing a career in the music and entertainment industry.
  2. The talented songwriter reached the top six of MNET’s Season 8 of SA Idols.
  3. Shekhinah performed in the Musical Hairspray and Suessical at the Elizabeth Sneddon in Durban in 2011.The uprising start returned to the music industry and never looked back
  4. Various artists, Lira, Danny K and Micasa to name but a few are the ones who have been encouraging the singer’s entrance into the music industry.
  5. She is also believed to be the biggest star to ever come out of Idols SA as she headed for international fame.
  6. Shekhinah revealed that was abandoned at birth and was adopted and raised by the Donnell family.
  7. She is very close with her adoptive father. Her adoptive mother is currently residing in the USA and she visits her as regularly as she can.
  8. Her latest single, Let You Know is now debuting in America following Sketchy Bongo’s international deal.
  9. Shekhinah met Kyle Deutsch on SA Idols and have been collaborating ever since. Their latest hottest song is Back ToThe Beach.
  10. Shekhinah says it’s not easy for to write songs as she is a perfectionist.

It would really be a fair statement to say that Donnell is one of the best recognised voices on radio and is on the verge of international stardom


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