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Who Is Semah G. Weifur? Biography| Profile | History Of Blind Liberian Boy Singer Semah G. Weifur

Nigerian singer Flavour recently visited Liberia on a peace mission where he met a talented little blind boy, Semah G. Weifur.

The singer went on a United Nations peacekeeping mission in the African country.

Watch Below Video Of Collabo With Singer Flavour:

While there he met a blind boy who according to him, sang his songs better than him.

I made a new friend Semah G. Weifur. He’s blind and sang my songs better than me” … Watch the full video on YouTube of our meeting soon!!,” he captioned one shot.

While in Liberia he met Major General Daniel Ziakahn– Chief of staff of the armed forces of Liberia and Chairman of the ECOWAS Joint Chiefs of Staffs.

The dreams of the young, blind boy that has captivated everyone’s hearts has come true. Semah G. Weifur not only had the unique opportunity to record with his favourite musician, Flavour took it one step further and shot the video, for their collaborative single, “Most High” – the final track on his “Ijele – The Traveler” album.

Having met Semah, during his trip to to Liberia earlier this year, Flavour was incredibly touched by the young boy’s plight and determination to live out his dream of performing with his music hero.

Enjoy watching the official video directed by Adasa Cookey, along with the behind the scenes footage of Flavour’s and Semah’s Journey.



  • I was really moved dat I can’t stop crying when I heard d song ,I pray dat d lord will perform His miracle in Semah G life, I will be happy if flavor can still feature d boy one more time

  • Someone sent the music video to my whatapp page. When I listening to the music I was crying to know that the boy was blind oh what a beautiful voice. I love the boy and the song.

  • Oh Lord! What a good voice. Why this little boy? Please Mr. Flavour, do take good care of him for he is a blessing to your music career. I pray for god to come for his rescue so that, he will regain his sight.

  • I was really touched by is song, infact i cried. but i know dat a day is coming when God will perform signs and miracle in the life of semah G weifur.flavour pls collaborate with him ones more cos am insterested in is sweet voices.pls….

  • Oh what a great voice, anytime I listen to the song i appreciate what God has use Favour to bring up the younger blind singer “semah G waifur, Pls Favour don’t leave the boy alone, God will continue to bless u for the good job

  • I am full of tears for I know the miracle working God that makes the blind to see is on his case and heaven will not rest until his case is settled.

  • this is really touching.. God works in a mysterious ways
    thank you for the life of this orphanage blind boy
    may God bless flavour and his ministry

  • I am on tears listening to these song,I feel like meeting him rt now.I pray God touch you and you regain your sight @Semah G,one thing have realised over the years is everything God made is good,and your situation caused you to meet these wonderful brother……Flavour,,If av never respected you for anything Sir,you did well for these……we want more from Other musicians other than wasting their money on nonsense tinz….Respect bro…..God help you and meet ur needs as well

  • This is so touching, Flavour pls do not leave Sema alone, you said in the video on you Tube (this is the son I’ve been looking for), pls adopt him, make him your son and continue to produce music with him. Only God will reward you. The whole world is happy with u for what’ve done.

  • farther to the fartherless
    a miracle working God
    please help this boy gain his sight back… big up mr flavour for deserve a gift from above, this video drove me into tears
    Semah G, i pray God answer your daily prayers

  • I’m really touch by the video..I wish I could met the boy and I also pray God grant him visibility again..I love you.

  • After watching the video I went on the internet to read more about the boy. In fact., I was touched, I cried. Please Flavor do not leave him if possible adopt him, a voice of an angel. I will be happy to hear him over and over again. God bless brother!

  • Waw. The song is beautiful, I teared up. Went in search of more info on both of you…there is no blindness or illness in heaven babyboy. I look forward to greater things from you two 🙂

  • Its pears my hrt the first time I heard the song, God knows why he kept him in that condition but I bliv that one day He will see again

  • When i listen this music my spirit was lifted, i was thinking that is Frank Edward that sang the song, not knowning that is Mr.Flavour n Semah G Weifur. am proud of him, despite his condition he sing so sweet. When i have not watched d viedo i was thinking is a lady that sing that part not knowning is that handsome boy,my prayer 4 him is, God should restor his sight N bless Mr.Flavour 4 his work. Keep it up.

  • chia this track is so touching Mr. Flavour Nabania please don’t ever leave him alone he is very talented take him as your own son ok

  • i see this young talented boy as a source of Blessing to you and your generation. please you have the capability to adopt this Boy. i want to hear more of you and semah Weifur. more blessing Flavour, am crying as i am typing this message

  • I wont get tired typing, really touched my soul with this song. Flavour i appreciate you and God in heaven has acknowledged your act of kindness. i pray that almighty God that knows it all will open his eyes again to see his Glory. great job flavour, really impressed Walahi!!!!!!!

  • may Almighty God continue to lift you higher as you touch the life of this wonderful blindboy of our generation.

  • Am Very Impressed Listening To The Music Infact,this Music Is Killing Dear.ride On Mr flavour And little Mr semah i Pray God Heals U amen.No Condition Is Permanent In This Life oluwa is Highly Involve in Your Case.

  • What an interesting music
    The music was so touching
    what a tremendous voice little semah G has
    I pray that he receive his sight and urge flavour to keep on helping him
    I shared tears as I was listening to d music

    I will keep on praying for u

  • can’t believe such a talent, flavour with his own song was murdered guess I have a music role model semah G God bless you

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