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Who Is Sbahle Mpisane? Biography| Profile| History Of South African Wellness & Fitness Motivator Sbahle Mpisane Aka Fitness bunny

Sbahle Mpisane on Top Billing


Sbahle Mpisane

Meet Sbahle Mpisane, who who has built an empire around her post workout social media pictures!

When Durban student and fitness instructor Sbahle Mpisane started posting about fitness on her Instagram account she never imagined she’d end up with a massive following and serve as inspiration for women across the country to start eating mindfully while burning more kilojoules – regardless of their surroundings.

Sbahle Mpisane on Top Billing 2

Aside from aerobic work outs, Sbahle is also a keen on martial arts and loves outdoor activities like surfing and quad biking. If you want to watch Sbahle’s inspirational workout videos you can find her on Instagram at sibahle underscore mipsane – if you aren’t following her already.

Till date she’s got over three hundred thousand followers! While Sbahle herself is an inspiration, she says she draws her own strength from successful, body confident women like Serena Williams as well as her own followers when they tell her how she’s motivated them.

Sbahle’s boot camps now run on a weekly bases in Durban with more and more women joining in for every session thanks to the power of word of mouth as well as social media.

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Sbahle Mpisane Also known as FitnessBunnie, Mpisane’s a wellness and fitness motivator who aims to set an example for other women on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

She uses Instagram to share her workouts, motivational quotes and meal plans as well as tips and tricks to get healthy and fit.

The 23-year-old discourages short-term weight-loss plans, saying women should rather adopt a healthy lifestyle and practise self love. She believes that taking care of yourself shows your dedication, discipline, self respect, dignity, work ethic and passion.

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She calls herself the “Fitness Bunnie” and indeed Sbahle Mpisane is fit.

She never misses a day of training and makes sure she shares her workout regime with her  over 350k followers on Instagram.

Keeping trim is not easy and as summer is almost here, it is not too late to get started on a great-looking body fit for the beach and put your health first.




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