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Who Is Princess Vitarah? Biography | Profile | History Of Nigerian Singer Princess Vitarah

Early life

Princess Vitarah was born in the United States but her family moved back to Nigeria to the family’s village in Arochukwu—when she was little, then she lived in Houston for a while before moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 to pursue a musical career

Music career

2015–2016: Early output

Vitarah began her career as a rapper by releasing material through the internet in late 2015. She earned public recognition after two of her songs, Nigerian Pussy and I Want 20 Inch Dick, went viral on video sharing websites such as WorldStarHipHop and YouTube, receiving 3 million views on Facebook in the first day alone.


Her feminist and sexual lyrical content has gained her music much notoriety across West Africa and other parts of the world but especially on the internet where she has since developed a strong fanbase whom call themselves “Vitarahians”


Her song Nigerian Pussy broke the record for most downloads in 24 hrs in Nigeria and was initially banned but now has more than 100,000 streams on Spotify the first for any African female rapper ever Princess Vitarah has been praised for opening doors for African women concerning expression of sexuality and a writer for wrote that, “Princess Vitarah goes head in on topics that chicks wouldn’t be caught dead talking about in public before” and that she is paving the way for change and lots of African women “raise their fists to it”

2017-present: Too Much Talent

In June 2017, Princess Vitarah released her debut album Too Much Talent. The album was preceded by the single I Want 20 Inch Dick, which was described by Media Take Out as “a hit record charting on Billboard”. described the album as an 8-track body of work from Princess Vitarah because “her Nigerian fans and the rest of them in the world is ready and desirous of an album from her”. On June 12, 2017, Princess Vitarah uploaded an image of the album cover art on Instagram. Days later, the track listing for the album was revealed by Genius, and iTunes



  • Nigerian Pussy (2016)
  • Tell Your Husband (2016)
  • Spongebob (2016)
  • Masturbate (2017)

Studio Albums

  • Too Much Talent (2017)



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