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Meet Carissa Sharon Oyakhilome’s Husband: Phillip Frimpong.

Here are things to know about the young man, Phillip Frimpong.

Phillip is co-founder of ONUA, a shop which specializes in African Wax Prints. He is said to have been born to Ghanaian parents in the Netherlands and raised in the UK.

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Seeking to make Western African culture accessible to all, ONUA is an embodiment of Western African artistry displayed in an elegant and harmonious way.

ONUA, the translation of sibling in Twi (Ghanaian dialect), perfectly describes the founders, sibling pair; Emmanuela and Phillip Frimpong. Born in the Netherlands to Ghanaian parents and then raised in the UK, both Emmanuela & Phillip were moulded by a deep appreciation for the three cultures they have encountered. This appreciation has developed over the years to a reverence for the beauty held in the patterns of traditional African cloth, as well as the sacred royalty ingrained in the Adinkra symbols. Influenced by the unity in the belief of Pan-Africanism, the Frimpongs realised from the wealth of knowledge gained through their experience of family and friends, how similar neighbouring countries were in beliefs and culture. Most noticeably, the richly coloured, deeply meaningful and carefully crafted cloth and the way in which it adorns the bodies of many African people; from the old and poor, to the young and the rich.


This ignited a passion to dress household ornaments in the same richness held in the cloth and in doing so, harmoniously fusing their experiences of living in the ‘West’ with that of their heritage. From there onward, West met West and ONUA was created. Sharon Oyakhilome, one of the daughters of popular pastor, Chris Oyakhilome, has gotten married traditionally to her Ghanaian fiance, Phillip Frimpong.





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