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Who Is Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo? | Biodun Fatoyinbo Biography | Biodun Fatoyinbo Profile| Biodun Fatoyinbo History| Meet Founder Of Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA) Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Pastor Biodun is a bright personality in the circles of people close to the Churches of Nigeria. They say that this man is a leader in the ministry & his church.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is a leader of the Coza church in Abuja. This congregation is more than 5,000 people. They have twice as many people around the Worship centers in Ilorin and Lagos. And as their website claims that have several thousand people from all the other parts of the world watch their sermons and ministries on a regular basis.

This man is often asked to preach at other churches throughout the world, as he is respected and seen as a successful pastor.

Here is what his official website says about his mission he dedicated his life to. “His Mission is clear: RAISE A TAKEOVER GENERATION.  He is passionate about raising people who are thoroughly steeped in Kingdom values and very relevant in the Secular world. He believes that Christians should be able to influence the society with kingdom principles. His excellent blend of excellence and spirituality has made him stand out from the pack. He believes God has a plan for everybody and that God can take the most unlikely and use him powerfully.

He is happily married to Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, Co-Senior Pastor of COZA and they are blessed with lovely Children.”

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo biography

The church called Coza in Nigeria where Biodun Fatoyinbo is the leader says that this person can be undeniably called a huge blessing for their congregation. He has a talent in preaching and has remarkable prophetic insight into the word. They claim that thanks to his ministry people’s lives changed not only at their church but everywhere else he goes to. “Delivering the talk with exactitude and undeniable impact, his messages fuse a unique blend of the factual, personal revelations, convictions with time-tested facts unearthed by years of study and fellowshipping with the Lord.”

As his co-ministers state, he can serve as a perfect role model in striving for nothing less than perfection in life. He aims to achieve the best results in ministry, family life, parenting, as well as any other area in life. Also, “this anointed man of God doesn’t go unassisted. At his side is the compassionate Daughter of Zion – Pastor ‘Modele. Together they are fulfilling the mandate of raising a Takeover Generation on the platform of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly.”

From Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s biography, we know that he is married to a woman named Modele Fatoyinbo. She is also one of the chief pastors of the Church of Coza. According to the official page of the church, we can assume that she is a good wife and a great mother for her children. On top of that, she is a real teach the Word.

pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Wikipedia

Here is what her profile on the church website says: “The definition of a virtuous woman, she is an active preacher of the Word and also the author of word-based books. Her beauty is not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. She exudes spirituality and compassion. She is the Co-Senior Pastor of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly. Her passion for God and exceptional living are unrivaled. She strives to be the Difference Maker in women’s lives and as such hosts the annual “Woman of Color Conference.”Through the conference, God has used her to touch the lives of several women across a broad range of ages. It doesn’t take Rocket Science to know that it is only the grace of God that gives her the ability to juggle the roles of intercessor, wife, mother, author, preacher and counselor. A rare gem, that’s what she is.”He is a husband of an amazing woman. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo stated that his wife is a real asset to him and his family, as she is able to juggle many roles including that of a mother, wife, pastor, mentor, and author. It takes courage and much patience to be married to a man of so many duties who spends much time working and helping others while the family has to deal with things on their own at times.

However, he is very well pleased with a woman God trusted him with to be his help meet. She is handling everything God put on her shoulders very well.


Who Is Pastor Mrs Modele Fatoyinbo ? | Biography/Profile Of Pastor Mrs Modele Fatoyinbo Of Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA)



He has amazing children. Apparently a son and a daughter. As they were traveling this summer, this man posted several pictures of them as a reminder that he misses his church and encouragement for his congregation to be with their children and families and enjoy time together.



the biography of pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

He said: “Every now and then, take some time out to rest and spend time with family. Always blessed to hang out with my first son in whom I’m well pleased. Miss my COZA family, can’t wait to be home! #Vacation #Family.” He takes time out to go on exotic vacation with his kids. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s church auditorium and surrounding is ethereal. It will leave you breathless. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo recently flaunted his porsche on social media which is said to be the very first in Nigeria. Pastor Biodun’s office is designed with state-of-the-art furniture. It is a wonder to behold.Pastor Biodun’s workforce  is just as unique as he is and they are quite stylish too.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo threw a lavish all white yacht birthday party in Dubai.


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