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Who Is Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu? | Biography | Profile| History Of South African Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu

Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu, from South Africa, has a unique role in many of his South african contemporaries who are teaching the word in the box for the burial of the dead.

Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu preaches from a coffin: This South African pastor succeeded in scaring children with this method in 2015.

The pastor’s teaching is largely a matter of focusing on the fact that there is a Hellenistic, unnecessary people who do not give their lives to be grave.
One of Christendom’s leaders led by Pastor Aphiwe Ngevu, said he, confirmed that the teaching pastor was in the box to convince people to look for God’s good way and to teach them about the resurrection of the dead and that he had begun for a long time. .

Another pastor of the church “The Church of the Endtimes Disciples Ministries” was widely mentioned in the media, which is said to be grateful for the entire Christian bishop, another pastor and Paseka Motsoenenga (Mboro) and South Africa, who announced that he had gone to heaven and brought the pictures back to his home.


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