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Who Is Nyashinski ? | Biography Of Nyashinski | Profile Of Nyashinski | History Of Nyashinski | Meet kenyan Singer/ Musician Nyashinski whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu

Meet Nyashinski
 whose real name is Nyamari Ongegu is a kenyan musician who is a former member of Kleptomaniacs.
Kleptomaniax was a music group consisting of three members: Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale) and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu).
Kleptomaniax were formed in 1999, when they were still high school students at the Nairobi School. The group joined the Ogopa DJ’s label and released their first single, “Freak It” in 2002 and was followed by “Maniax Anthem” and “Haree.” They were picked by Ogopa DJ’s while still in school.
In 2004 the group released another single “Tuendelee”, which became their biggest hit so far. The song was written as a response for the “Diss track” by various hip hop musician (including Bamboo), who criticised the commercial Kapuka music style performed by Kleptomaniax among others.
Their debut album M4E (an abbreviation for Maniax Forever) was released in 2005. After 2007 the group had a break while their members engaged in solo projects. The group has since made comeback, but have left Ogopa DJ’s.
Solo Career
After ten years he came back with a major hit song ‘ Now You Know’. He also did a gospel song ‘Mungu Pekee’ which is a hit song. He collaborated with Trey songz in the coke studio.
Nyashinski Songs
Mungu Pekee
Now You Know
Let it Go





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