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Who Is Nkechi Nnaji? | Biography | Profile| History Of Nollywood Actress Nkechi Victoria Nnachi Real Name ( Nkechi Nnaji )


She is hawt and sexy…beauty and brains put together..a go getter who’s motto is hard work!..she is no one other than the fast rising actress Nkechi Nnaji.
We got talking recently and she talked about how she got into the Nollywood industry, her personal life and the works she is been doing..

”My name is Nkechi Victoria Nnachi, but my screen name is Nkechi Nnaji. i am from a family of four. Two children,( a boy and a girl)  and my parents. I graduated from the Institute of science and technology Enugu.Nkechi Nnaji & Angela Okorie In London

How i joined Nollywood:

I joined the industry when i was fourteen…i started as a kid actress,working my way up to where i am today.And as it  is, i can barely count how many movies i have featured in.

Some of the movies includes: Odogwu,Aguba igogolo, and so on.. Although i left Nollywood when the whole thing was affecting my academics. But i have since returned, and have done some very good movies since my comeback in 2011.E.g Tears of the innocent, sorrow of the orphan, pleasure booster, export service, school runs, ibu and beyonce, wahala marriage, king of madness, and a cinematography, ifunanya. with lots more that are not in the market yet.

My Relationship status:

Yes ofcourse, i am in a relationship right now, but im not going to say who the lucky guy is(laughs)

Advice to aspiring actresses and actors:

You must believe in God, who is the number one star maker! He makes things possible!.Also belieeve in yourself and be courageous always.
make hardwork your watchword, because acting is not as easy as people think it is.
Be confident at all times,and i wish you all luck in the quest of becoming


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