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Who Is Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya? | Biography | Profile| History Of Treasurer of Lagos state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, Popularly Called MC Oluomo some call him Alhaji, some call him ‘MC’

Musiliu Akinsanya (Born March 14) better known by his stage name MC Oluomo, is the Treasurer of the Lagos state chapter of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

His name is Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya, some call him Alhaji, some call him ‘MC’, but we all know him as MC Oluomo.

The popular National Union of Road Transport Workers leader is one of the most popular people in Lagos state, almost as popular as the governor of the state.

MC as he is fondly called is even more popular in the Nollywood sector because of his proximity to the thespians in the industry.

Today, a lot of people can’t stop wondering why someone like MC Oluomo should be popular for being a Junta! The people in this category are those who have no idea who MC really is.

Check out three things you need to know about Musiliu Akinsanya.

He is a philanthropist: One reason MC always has a battalion of people around is because of his philanthropic nature. Many have testified that beneath the hard facade of street boy is a very mushy man who would not hesitate to help anyone.

He is crazy about Nollywood: MC Oluomo is literally in love with theatre, many times he has repeated that his love for theater brought him close to many of the thespians. Reports also have it that, the NURTW official loves Nollywood so much that almost half of the female thespians have once had a feel of his bed!

MC Oluomo is quite wealthy: despite his lack of formal education at any point, this road transport worker reportedly controls a vast amount of wealth, all proceeds from the road!

Now you know why MC Oluomo is popular despite his chosen career!

The Popular ‘big boy’ in the Lagos transport scene, Musiliu Akinsanya, aka MC Oluomo, has striven to prove that being a driver by trade is no hindrance to success. Indeed, such is his fame that he regularly mingles with the high and mighty at occasions and wines and dines at the high tables. This fast-rising ‘Richest Area Boy’, as he is fondly called by his underlings, loves throwing parties to flaunt his wealth and connections. And, once again, his upcoming birthday has presented him another golden opportunity to do what he does best-throw lavish shindigs for the enjoyment of all.

And, expectedly, those in the class of the high society have already marked off March 25 2017 on their calendars as the much-anticipated birthday of MC Oluomo. The NURTW boss will be celebrating in France this time, at the Salle Bereult 17 Rue. Musicians already set for the event are Pasuma, Olamide and Small Doctor, among others. Celebrities are expected to flock to the event.

Going by what transpired at his birthday last year, the cool transport don certainly has something up his sleeve for this year’s edition. It will be recalled that in March last year, his birthday was allegedly a ‘braless’ occasion in which top babes came without undergarments.


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