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Who Is Moonyeen Lee? Biography| Profile| History Of South African Talent Hunt Agent Moonyeen Lee

oonyeen Lee


Moonyeen Lee Profile:
Moonyeenn Lee is a super-agent with SA’s best actors on her books. Moonyeenn Lee is South Africa’s casting director and talent agent of note, working on major international and local productions
She was trained by James (Jimmy) Fraser in 1974 (then head of Fraser & Dunlop London) to be an agent representing actors, writers and directors. 
Moonyeenn has practiced as an agent for the past 37 years, heading up the largest and most successful talent agency in South Africa. 
She now practices as a manager for the artists represented by the company.
Moonyeenn received the SAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011, as well as awards for Film and Televsion Casting.
Moonyeenn was invited to be a Judge on the final panel for ‘Best Actor’ at the 2011 International Emmy Awards.

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