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Who Is Maryam Isah? | Biography Of Maryam Isah | Profile Of Maryam Isah| History Of Maryam Isah| Meet Kannywood/Hausa Movies Actress, Maryam Isah

Maryam Isah is the half-sister to Kannywood Actress, Mansura Isah, who is the wife of Actor and Producer, Sani Danja.

Maryam Isah joined the movie industry about two years ago and has featured in a number of movies.


Maryam Isah, 28, is one of the cutest and prettiest new faces in the industry, whose beauty and remarkable thespian disposition can make a good movie and attract huge sales.

Maryam Isah,  is tall, friendly and fluent in both English and Hausa languages. 


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