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Who Is Marek Zmyslowski? | Biography| Profile|History| Meet Polish-born Experienced Entrepreneur Marek Zmyslowski

Marek Zmyslowski is a Polish-born experienced entrepreneur and executive focused on online businesses in Frontier and Emerging Markets.

He co-founded – a Hospitality Technology Company, and Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal, with backing from Rocket Internet and Goldman Sachs.

In 2014 he was chosen as one of the Ten Most Important People in Tech by IT News Africa Magazine. He is a Lead Mentor at Google’s Launchpad and World Bank’s XL Africa Program.


Marek Zmyslowski and Kushal Dutta

For those who do not know who Marek Zmyslowski is, and those wondering why this particular expat is making the headlines, here are 5 things you should know about the Jovago founder:

  • Zmyslowski is a 29-year old Polish national but has been residing in Nigeria for about 5 years.

  • He is a serial entrepreneur. Whilst in Poland he founded and sold two online businesses before moving to Nigeria.
  • His favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the building part. Starting from scratch, building the product, team, and then, building the whole company.

  • Zmyslowski also models. Yes, you read that right. Just check his Instagram page – @marekchinedu.

  • This probably the most surprising thing I found out about the former Jovago MD. Marek has a Nigerian name – Chinedu.


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