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Who is Linda Sokhulu? |Biography| Profile| History Of South African Actress Linda Sokhulu

Linda Sokhulu
Linda Sokhulu
Durban-born, Linda grew up in Umlazi Township with her two siblings.  After matriculating at Cambridge College in Durban. Linda went to Natal Technikon to study fashion design for two years but did not complete her studies because she realised that fashion was not her dream.
She joined a workshop at the Natal Playhouse where she participated in few plays and was fortunate enough to work with Tina Johnson. 

After she secured a 10-month contract in an educational play she knew acting was definitely her way to go. 

When her contract expired she decided to look for other channels through which she could express her love for acting. 
She didn’t rest. She continued working in the entertainment industry.

Since her appearance in Generations in 2004, Linda has enjoyed a successful career. She is a well known voice and face in numerous adverts.



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