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Who is Honey Suleman? Meet Lady Whom Her Sex Tape Was Leaked By Jack Pemba In Uganda, Honey Suleman Real name Salama Suleman

Uganda city socialite and Tycoon Jack Pemba leaked his Sextapes videos with Honey Suleman, no one knew a thing about her and now everyone is trying to know who she is, here we have some of those answred

Real name Salama , 22 years old lady. She comes from a single mother home with 5 siblings .

Honey Suleman, the lady in the s*x tapes Jack Pemba is a 22 year old girl that was born on 5th May 1996 with real names Salama Suleman in Jinja town. She comes from a family of five siblings and she was raised by a single mother.

She studied from Jinja based schools and she is the owner of Sasha Cossets, a mobile make up studio which she started in 2017 as part of her love for doing makeup. She is a daughter to the late Suleman and she is a mixed blood with Arab descent.

Honey Suleman also works at her sister’s online shop and she met Jack Pemba at the age of 19 Years in September 2015. Her Facebook names are; Honey Suleman Official and her Snapchat handle is: Spemba17.

No one knew about her until her sex tape was leaked … now she is well known .
Is this Good or bad exposure ? Your thoughts

Below are photos of Honey 

Honey Suleman with her FamilyHoney Suleman with her mother


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