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Who Is Fred Nuamah? | Biography| Profile| History Of Founder of Ghana Movie Awards Fred Nuamah

Fred Nuamah, Chief Executive of Ghana Movie Awards, has expressed joy and profound excitement that ladies “can now testify” about him, a comment understood to mean that he now has a female lover, years after complaints from family and friends that he needs to either start dating or get married.

Mr Nuamah, in recent times, has transformed his looks and ‘melted away’ his pot belly as well as reduced his weight drastically.

Surround urself with those who make u happy. #ada #phartom #mylove #toGodbetheglory

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“I do not eat rice, kenkey, banku or carbohydrates at all. I do not even eat any cereal, I do not eat potatoes I only chew leaves and chicken breasts. I eat salad and drink water,” an excited Fred Nuamah explained his new looks and said it has changed a lot about him to an extent that ladies can now testify.

They laugh at me bcos I’m different. I laugh at them bcos they are all the same. #toGodbetheglory pix @haildha

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The choice of phrase, ‘now testify’ connotes that hitherto, the ladies were not giving any positive testimony about Fred.

Don’t judge someone just bcos they sin differently than u. #happysunday #tb2011 #london #uk #toGodbetheglory

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NEWS-ONE asked Fred Nuamah directly if what he meant was that he has now started dating after years of speculations that he has never dated a lady in his entire life.

“ In 2016 he says: Be careful what you put out about me. I have not mentioned sex and when I say the ladies can now testify, it could mean they can now testify about my new looks,” he explained.

Fred Nuamah is a Ghanaian male celebrity who has generated the most controversy about his single status life.

Flanked by these two lovely ladies. @joselyn_dumas @martekor_ #toGodbeglory

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There was a time he invited upon himself a huge public condemnation after he put out what was seen as derogatory comments against actress Gloria Sarfo.

Once u see results it becomes an addiction. #jogging #fitness #healthylifestyle #toGodbetheglory

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Fred, in a response to reports that Gloria Sarfo may be a suitable wife for him, had said, “Gloria is not my type of girl. Why would I go in for her when other ladies like Becca, Martha Ankomah and co. are all around?”

There have been several attempts by industry persons and friends to find Fred a wife, but all yielded no results, as he remained adamant to bachelor lifestyle.

He once took to social media to say being single does not kill and he was waiting on God before he gets married.

“…Being married won’t heal you and being single won’t kill you. Waiting on God is never a waste of time…I am waiting on God,” Fred Nuamah said on Instagram.

Fred is in his mid 40s and has no plans of settling down anytime soon.


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