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Who Is Etinosa Idemudia?Biography | Profile| History Of Planning Engineer turned Nollywood Actress Etinosa Idemudia




Etinosa Idemudia hails from Edo State, Nigeria, she holds a BEng in Computer Engineering from Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria and a Diploma in Performing Arts from Royal Arts Academy, Lagos, Nigeria.
She worked as a planning Engineer for oil and gas construction projects until the last quarter of 2016 when she decided to go into acting full time. Her curiosity and love for the arts helped her make the decision to focus on what she loves.
She said right from when she was a child, she always had this uncontrollable spirit pushing her to act, to create a story, to explore, e.t.c. She would go to her mother’s garden and act with the flowers, she claimed she was lucky her mother never had her brain checked. When she gained admission into the University before she was done with registration she joined a radical drama group and when on site as an engineer, she always asks her colleagues to record her with her phone but even as obvious as it was she had to remain an engineer as the family were proud that their daughter is an engineer and will rather it remain that way, but one day she made up her mind to stop living for the family and follow her passion. She then went to Veteran Nigerian Filmmaker, Emem Isong school, Royal Arts Academy where she obtained a Diploma in Performing Arts in 2016.

In her short stay in the industry she is already a force to reckon with, after she launched ‘EtinosaTV’ where she does hilarious skits with her alter ego, an Edo ‘babe’ character sometimes called ‘Osas’ or ‘Esohe’ who appears in most of her comedy skits, she has also featured in several Movies and TV productions like; Ajuwaya, Bensonville, Scheme, Nurse Abigail, Losing Control, Desperate Housegirls, Grape, Diary of a married Man, Bensonville, Adventures of Etiosa, e.t.c
In 2016 she won the Scream Awards for the Best online Comic Act, and in 2017 the Best Actress award at the 48 Hours Film Project for her performance in the short film ‘Scheme’.
She believes she stands out as an actor due to her curiosity, her emotional depth, her imagination, her unending desire to know more, discover more, to feel what a character feels, to know what it is like to be that character and her undying passion for her craft, she also has a photographic memory which is an excellent skill for an actor.

She loves to create, watch and listen to Comedies, playing pretend, playing charades and meeting new interesting goal driven people.
Etinosa is awesome at mimicking, she edits videos, she is an online PR Expert, a very intelligent, determined, ambitious, creative,  focused, funny, crazy, adventurous, charming, always happy, life of a party and never a boring moment young lady that you would love to work with again and again.
If she can achieve all this in just a year, it is obvious she has the right ingredients to make a difference in the industry, wouldn’t you rather work with such a highly focused lady?
Watch some of her skits and videos below and get in touch!!!
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