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Who Is Calista Okoronkwo ? | Biography| Profile| History Of Nollywood Actress Calista Okoronkwo Aka Nurse Titi

Here’s One of The Finest Nollywood Actress, Her name is Calista Okoronkwo a young girl from Imo State.She is a graduate of economics from the Univeristy of Nigeria, Nsukka. She has gradually but surely staked her claim in Nollywood and is firmly becoming established as one of the new stars to watch. we caught up with her and this is what she had to say about her career, her life and her future

NR: How did you come into Nollywood and what motivated you to come in?

CALISTA: I have always loved the big screen. Way back in junior and Senior secondary school days,I directed most dramas and plays we showcased to parents on special events day. I starred in lots of those dramas way back,I was a play director though I was in a Junior class. Even the seniors believed I was best for the post…lol.
NR:How enriching has your journey been?

CALISTA: So far so good.God has been everything to me. He has always helped me make things a lot easier. It has been great so far but I’m looking up to greater things.
NR: If given a second chance will you still opt to become an actress?

CALISTA:Oh yes,over and over again! Acting has always been my first love,I didn’t wake up one morning and just felt that because I love the artistes that I see on screen then I can be like them…No,I have always loved the art of acting, naturally!
NR: How do you cope with the negative perceptions of actresses in Nollywood and the accusations of promiscuity and bed hopping?

CALISTA: Negative perceptions are everywhere. It isn’t just only in Nollywood .so, it really isn’t an issue for me, plus I have never been accused of such,so I would not know exactly.

NR: Have you ever been harassed?

CALISTA: No,never!
NR: What are your personal ambitions concerning your profession?

CALISTA: I want to be a household name,soar above Nigeria and Africa’s borders. I want to be that black woman that stands out in Hollywood by God’s grace,that’s why I’m working so hard now.
NR: Who inspires you and which actors/actresses do you look up to?

CALISTA: All our actors and actresses are great and unique. I work with one artiste on set and there is something new to learn. They are all wonderful people and there’s always something new you can getCalista with actress Lilian Esoro

NR: Which movie has been your most challenging and most successful so far?

CALISTA: Most challenging movie would be TODAY’s WOMEN…it isn’t out yet though. I played a blind girl with my eyes opened. I loved the fact that I got the role. I pray for more challenging roles.
NR: Which director/stars are you looking forward to work with?

CALISTA: I would love to work with every one of them because I want to learn whatever I haven’t learned from them. We have very creative directors like,Nya Bassey, Chidi Anyanwu, Lancelot Imasuen, Ikechukwu Onyeka,Evans Anaele and a host of others.

NR:. Last word for your fans

CALISTA: Believe in yourself. Set your goals right and depend on God always. More movies of me would be out soon. I won’t stop working so I would always grace your screens. Thank you because without you all,there won’t be any Calista.

NR: How many movies have you done



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