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Who Is Bahati Bukuku? | Biography | Profile| History Of Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Bahati Bukuku

Meet Veteran Tanzanian gospel singer Bahati Bukuku has revealed she is divorced.

Bahati Bukuku talks about her marital problems interview: She says;  her marital problems were too much to bear leading to separation from her then-husband.Bahati Bukuku says her song Dunia Haina Huruma (human beings can get hostile) was not completely inspired by her marital life …

Some of her fans wanted to know if she had children in the marriage, but Bahati refused to talk about that, saying she was not ready to say anything she said she had many children though.

“This is a question for kids I do not want to talk about, I have lot of kids, so in my marriage I would not like to talk about the subject of children” So good luck

At the same time, Bahati said She is now preparing a movie that will also have the goal of evangelism, and convey God’s message as She has been doing in the singing.

“Prior to I have not released a new song, I am introducing my new song called ‘The Master of the Marriage’,

I have sent it to BASATA, & they already gone through it, It has many good teaching about marriage, and I advise women, all the girls to look for” 

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