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Who Is Angelica Vale? | Biography| Profile| History Of Mexican Telenovela Actress Angelica Vale

Angelica Vale
Angelica Vale

NAME: Angelica Maria Vale Hartman
DOB: November 11, 1975
Popular works: La Fea Mas Bella

She is a Mexican actress, singer, and comedian known also as the daughter of Angélica María, “La Novia de Mexico” (Mexico’s Sweetheart), and as the daughter of comedian Raúl Vale. She has been working as an actress for almost 30 years, but achieved fame in 2006 when she became the protagonist of La Fea Más Bella(The Prettiest Ugly Girl), a Mexican telenovela, with her real-life mother.

She is featured as one of the eight subjects on the cover of People en Español‘s “Los 50 Más Bellos” 2007 yearly issue and on the July 2007 monthly issue, reportedly more because of her recent popularity than because of her overall lengthy career (as many people in the business have stated that she is finally getting the international attention that she has come to deserve after laboring her talents so long and having very little ethical and commercial success).


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