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Who Is Anele Zondo?| Biography Of Anele Zondo | Profile Of Anele Zondo| History Of Anele Zondo | Meet South African presenter, MC, Model & Actress Anele Ney Zondo 

Meet South African Actress Anele Zondo.  Anele Ney Zondo is a South African presenter, MC, model, influencer, voice over artist and an actress.

Anele Zondo first made waves as a presenter on Massive Music on Mzansi Magic and now a leading role on the new hit telenovela, ‘The River’.  But what facts do you know about the bubbly beauty? Check out all the fun facts about Anele Zondo below.

1. Anele Zondo is a triple threat. She’s an actress, a TV presenter and a model. She comes from Newcastle and has two older sisters.

2. She holds a Diploma from Boston Media House. She loves reading books.

3. She’d like to have a leading role with Shona Ferguson. She finds the actor hot. If she could kiss any celeb in the world, it would be Leonardo Dicaprio.

4. Her wildest dream is to have her own island named after her where people just twerk, eat and sleep all day.

5. She can’t live without a boyfriend and if she weren’t an actor and TV presenter she jokingly says she’d be a stripper.

Television Productions:

Production Character Prod. House Year
Massiv Music Presenter Don’t Look Down 2018
The River Support Tshedza Pictures 2018
Massiv Music Presenter Don’t Look Down 2017
It’s Cmplicated Cameo Fuzebox Productions 2016

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