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Who Is Ana Brenda Contreras? | Biography| Profile| History Of Mexican Telenovela Actress Ana Brenda Contreras Perez

Ana Brenda Contreras
Ana Brenda Contreras

NAME: Ana Brenda Contreras Perez
DOB: December 24, 1986
Popular works: Sortilegio, La Que No Podia Amar

She is a Mexican actress and singer.she starred in the film “Divina Confusion,” directed by Salvador Garcini. She starred as the protagonist “Violeta Madrigal” in the telenovela Juro Que Te Amo, which was produced by MaPat.

In 2009, producer Carla Estrada offered her the role of antagonist in the telenovelaSortilegio. In this novela, she played “Maura Albarran,” a character who is in love with Alejandro Lombardo, the character played by William Levy.


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