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Who Is Albino Refilve Modisell? | Biography| Profile| History Of South African Model Albino Refilve Modisell


Albino Refilve Modisell born January 2, 1986-th in Rockville, Soweto (Rockville, Soweto), in Gauteng, South Africa (Gauteng, South Africa). In four years Modisell moved with his family in Orange Grove, Johannesburg (Orange Grove, Johannesburg).

As a child Refilve survived the death of his father, and then again changed residence. She has two younger sisters.

Refilve unusual girl was born – she was an albino with a completely white skin and blue eyes the color of ice. According to her, she could not for a long time to feel comfortable in the `white kozhe`. As a child, she often had to listen to the taunts in his address. Moreover, there were rumors that her mother once drove an affair with a white man, bringing Refilve born albino.

Date of Birth: 02/01/1986

Age: 31

Place of birth: Rockville

Nationality: South Africa

In fact, in South Africa, people with a lack of melanin pigment are much more than anywhere else. But this does not prevent the inhabitants of Africa disparage albino and consider them inferior members of society. On the other hand, in South Africa, albinos even killed, for big money to sell their bodies to those who use them for food, silly hoping to gain extraordinary strength and health. Albinos are often not take the job, they are denied the support and otherwise harassed.

At the very beginning of his career Modisell decided to challenge fate, wanting to achieve great success as a fashion model. In addition, it did not stop failures agents who feared promote female albino, even though its an unusual appearance. She decided to fight to the end, to help themselves, not only one, but also to inspire other albinos. By the way, one of them was Tando Hopa (Thando Hopa), now known in South Africa, 23-year-old model.

After high school in Johannesburg Refilve studied advertising at the College Varsity (Varsity College). She graduated with honors courses. In addition to the sign of participation in the show David Tlalim in 2005, Modisell began to appear in the pages of South African publications. However Tshego Seakgoe, model hails from Soweto, Refilve adopted modeling agency `Black River FC` in 2012. Both girls began entities summer campaign fashion retailer `LEGiT`. This campaign was conducted under the rebranding `LEGiT`, and Modisell had an opportunity to shine not only on the Internet and print, but also dreams in television commercials, broadcast on television in South Africa. It was officially named after the brand `LEGiT` in Kyalami (Kyalami), dividing this honorary appointment with African celebrities such as Minnie Dlamini (Minnie Dlamini), Gus Noni (Noni Gasa), Zizo Beda (Zizo Beda) and others.

It is known that Modisell received an invitation to play in dramedii `Sweetheart, talk to mnoy` (` Tell Me Sweet Something`).

Model of South Africa constantly use sunscreen, because lack of melanin provides too little protection against UV rays. Modisell calls his chief assistant to his mother, but she also said that in her life are inspired by strong women, like Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama), Beyonce (Beyonce), Basetsane Kumalo (Basetsane Khumalo) and Kany Dhlomo (Khanyi Dlomo).

Author: Alexei Bulatov


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