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Who Is Aisha Abimbola? | Biography Of Aisha Abimbola| Profile of Aishat Abimbola| History Of Aishat Abimbola| Meet Nollywood Actress, Aisha Abimbola, Aka Omoge Campus

Meet The Delectable and hardworking actress Aisha Abimbola popularly called ‘Omoge Campus’, Aisha Abimbola is a thorough bred Lagosian who was born in Epe, Lagos,  She began her acting career in the year 2001.

She’s the third girl born immediately after her twin brother, the one Yoruba call “Idowu” or “Etaoko”,
She studies Hotel Management from Lagos State Polytechnic, a beautiful mother of two.
And was shot into limelight by her outstanding performance in a film titled “Omoge Campus”.

Regarded as one of the talented role interpreters in Yoruba genre of the movie industry, Abimbola started acting right from her primary school days and had her first lead role in ‘Awerijaye’

Aisha has also featured in Wale Adenuga’s  movie ‘No Pain No Gain‘  and also ‘So Wrong So  Right’ where she acted the role of Mrs. Camson.

Aisha Abimbola says she came into acting by sheer providence.


Aisha Abimbola featured in indigenous and non-indigenous productions such as “No Pain, No Gain,” “Awerijaye,” “So Wrong So Right,” “Omoge Campus,” “Kamson and Neighbours” among others.

She made her debut as a producer with the 2016 movie “T’omi T’eje,” which she premiered in Atlanta, with music performance by King Rokan. The movie was based on a true life story which she heard about during her Youth Service year in 2002.

The role interpreter, who has featured in over 150 movies, here narrates how it all began and what she did to make an armed robber drop his gun on a particular day at a film location.

Can you tell us how you came into acting?

I came into‎ acting through divine intervention; it wasn’t what I was thinking of at that particular time. I was rounding off my HND programme at LASPOTECH when Wale Adenuga Productions came to shoot in my school. The director gave me an opportunity to play a particular character, which another actress supposed to play but wasn’t on set that day. And that began my acting career.

Which movie launched you into limelight?

No doubt, that’s Omoge Campus, a film produced by Bola Igida. But before Omoge Campus I had featured in Eje Adegbenro produced by Prince Jide Kosoko. I also starred in so many Superstory series, Papa Ajasco series and later did Awerijaiye produced by Deji Rotimi. From then on, there was no looking back.

How old are you in the industry?

I came into the industry officially in 2002.



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Do you have any regret coming into the movie industry?

Regret? The only regret is that we don’t‎ get funds to produce films; we don’t get the support we ought to be getting. And usually those who don’t understand what we are doing, those who find it hard to separate your person from the character you play in movies, harass us. Sometimes fans and friends attack you verbally and emotionally. But then I have no regret. I am coping well or what else can I do? I remember a day when armed robbers attacked us on location. We were spared just because one of them fell in love with the way I handle guns in movies. And instead of robbing us, they left us unharmed.



Learning to Love yourself is d greatest Love of All😚😘

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How would you describe the industry now to when you started acting?

In terms of production quality, we are getting there. Most times, we act free of charge out of sympathy for film producers. Most producers don’t get to recoup the money invested in their movies because of piracy. Piracy is killing us. However, we are getting better scripts, better structures but the remuneration is nothing to write home about.

How long did it take you before producing Tomiteje?

I’m a perfectionist, so it takes me a long time to write my scripts. I will write scripts and keep them for years. But there are some stories I must tell. For instance, Tomiteje is a true-life story I came across when I was doing my youth service in 2002.

How were you able to cast fuji musician, Alabi Pasuma, in your movie?

I started my relationship with Pasuma when I was called to feature in his musical video, Desperado. Initially, I wasn’t interested but his producer called me and I later agreed to do it. While shooting the video, I liked the way he did things and I promised to invite him the moment I was ready to shoot my first movie. And God made it happen.

What is that particular thing that distinguishes you from other actors?

I’m down to earth.


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