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Who Is Agnes Masogange?| Biography| Profile| History Of Tanzanian model and video vixen Agnes Masogange” AKa “Agnes Gerald Dubbed Most Curvy and Sexiest Woman in Africa

Meet Agnes Masogange a Tanzanian social media personality and model who likes to share shot videos showing off her massive booty.


Agnes Masogange was born on September 8, 1989.
Agness Masogange is not her real name. She is Agnes Gerald. The “Masogange” came after her participation in Belle 9’s song with the same title. That was the beginning of her fame. Without a doubt, her cool porcelain good looks propelled her journey into fame. It runs among Africans!
Fame can be a curse. A few days ago she landed into the hands of the state. Like many others, charges against her were unclear.  A wild and controversial witch hunt that is now a matter of constitutional debates and lawsuits. Maybe she also ruffled someone’s feathers. She’s now out on bail. 10 Million TZS bail.

Defending Agnes can be hard. In 2013 she was arrested in South Africa with 13 BillionTShs worth of drugs (estimated street value). Lucky her, the current charges are of using, not supplying ( a more serious charge)
All in all, I am still not convinced that we’re anywhere near “winning” this war. The users need rehab, not jails and lawsuits. Our youth need jobs. They need education. We need to fight the war. We just need to be more creative than just aggressive. I know the latter is good politics. But politics won’t strike while the iron is hot.

Agnes Masogange Is a Young and accomplished Tanzanian model and video vixen shows off her curvaceous body, and its hot! And don’t worry, I know some persons are coming here with heart full of doubts and reasons why her booty isn’t real. Chill out, She’s a natural and the b00ty are all real and hers.

There is absolutely no proof of surgery or ‘fakeness’ here. However, You’re entitled to your Own opinion and i would really love to hear what you think about Agnes Masogange.

For those who have not heard of Tanzania’s most bootylicious Model, Agnes Masogange, you give me no choice but to conclude that you’re not really up to date with East African news, especially the juicy type of News.

The Beautiful young lady has arguably the biggest behind in Tanzania and probably in Africa for a celebrity. However, the one thing i noticed about her is that she’s extremely happy to be blessed with such body and she takes to social Media to flaunt it at all turns and opportunity.

Last year,  rumor has it that she was pregnant with Nigerian music star, Davido OBO child, after she uploaded a suggestive photo on her Instagram page.

The reason why several media alleged that she was pregnant with Davido’s kid was because she uploaded a photo, where she held a pregnancy test kit with a positive result and on the side, a picture of Davido’s OBO pendant. However, after several questions from her fans, she decided to delete the picture and called the rumor, “Rubbish”

Agnes Masogange is also one of the sexiest/hottest video vixens in Tanzania



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