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Who Is BBNaija Adedayo Adewunmi? | BBNaija Adedayo Adewunmi Biography | BBNaija Adedayo Adewunmi Profile |BBNaija Adedayo Adewunmi History| Meet BBNaija 2018 Reality TV Show Housemate Adedayo Adewunmi, AKA Dee one Aka Dee-Comedian

MEET Dee-One:
He’s 27 and is the first of 3 siblings and a stand-up comedian. He loves Wizkid and says nothing will make him quit the game. If he wins the cash prize, he will start a comedy agency to help upcoming acts #BBNaija

Dee One

Adedayo Aderombi is a 27-year-old stand-up comedian who thinks he is really really really funny.

Dee One.

A Comedian, says he is in a very serious relationship.. and he’s funny AF!

From an early age, Dee-One has learned to laugh at everything and has developed this talent into an art.

He also enjoys reading the Bible, poetry, dancing, rapping and singing. Dee-One confessed he would sorely miss his phone, but he can trust BBNaija fans to love the humour he brings into the House. If he was a world leader, Dee-One says he would change the poverty mentality.

What will you be bringing into the BB House: Humor.

What will you do with the prize money: I have alreday booked a date at Eko Hotel for my show in November, I’m just waiting for the prize money, I’m also starting a comedy agency where we will sign upcoming acts

What irritates you most in other people: When people don’t have a sense of humour.


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