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Who Is Abolanle Abdulsalam? | Biography| Profile | History Of Yoruba Actress Abolanle Abdulsalam Aka Omidan Abolanle


Meet Yoruba Actress Abolanle Abdulsalam, The Ado Ekiti-born actress, Abolanle Abudusalam is also in the front-line when it comes to beauty. The star in the making has been rising steadily in the industry since she joined in 2006.

Abolanle Abdulsalam hails from Ekiti State, She studied History and International Relations at the Lagos State University, also she has in her kitty produced movies (i.e, Itakun Ife, Kosenitoye and Aturota amidst various movies which she has featured in.) One of her self produced flick, Oba Adetoyese, won the Odua Movies Award in the United States of America.

Omidan Abolanle, as she is fondly called by fans shot her debut movie titled “Kosenitoye” a few years ago and this launched her to stardom.


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