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What Everyone Must Know About Life Written By Ayoola Lawal.

1915219_10153408551546939_6425100706495406427_n “Eight months ago she was a minister in Africa’s most populous nation and the president of OPEC making her one of the world’s most powerful women alive.
Today she is begging the cold hands of death to spare her life from the grip of cancer.

Seven months ago he had won the biggest soccer leauge in the world as manager of one of the world’s most talked about football teams.
Today he is jobless and the butt of the cruelest of jokes in the sports world.

He was released after 1year to serve a 4year house arrest term for culpable homiside of his model South African girlfriend.
Then suddenly, on December 3rd he was convicted of murder for the same action by an appeal court

On Saturday afternoon he was leading the polls to be governor of his Nigerian middle belt state. By 7pm he was pronounced dead by the doctors.

And so the stories of Diezani, Mourinho, Oscar and Audu remind us of what effect the snap of a finger can have on our lives and how unready life can make us look regardless of the insight and work invested into securing tomorrow.

While there is enormous stupidity in living recklessly under the umbrella of “One Life”, there is a want of wisdom in believing that tomorrow is guaranteed as a result of individual struggle and will. Even the prophets of God disagree with that notion, teaching that you prayed for DAILY bread and let the anxiety over tomorrow be.

No excuse at all to be planless for even ants are not that senseless but please appreciate the gift of grace that you have nothing to do with. In the words of Nigerian comedian Basket mouth : “if you think say na by your power you dey wake up, set alarm clock for the head of dead body”

Dear blessed and privileged reader of this message, let humility and gratitude greet your everyday approach to life and never mix confidence for a better tomorrow for arrogance in its certainty from self will. I will say “RONU JINLE, KO DUPE TIE”. Have a promising and refreshing week ahead.”


Written By- Ayoola Lawal.


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