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“The car was a gift… where or when did I ever say that I bought it brand new?” Sotayo Sobola counters reports that she lied about her car

Reports have been shared online today, insinuating that actress Sotayo Sobola lied about getting a brand new Mercedez G-Wagon and that the G-Wagon is now up for sale…

“Why do people like living a fake life?” the person making the claim wrote with a photo of the car allegedly up for sale on an online store.

The report is now going viral online with most people already accusing the actress of living a fake life. When She was Contacted on the rumor, she said she had not read the reports.

The actress said she got the car as a gift for her last birthday and evidence of that is still online. And at no point did she claim she bought it herself, neither did she mention that it was a brand new car.

“No, I have not read it. I don’t understand… A car that was a gift… where or when did I ever say I bought it brand new?” she told LIB. She, however, did not comment on whether the car is up for sale or not.

Well, you’ve heard from the horse’s mouth…


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