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TBoss’ family reacts to her s*xtape with Miyonse in the #BBNaija 2017 show

Recall, earlier last week, TBoss and Miyonse got their freak on, becoming the first housemates in #BBNaija to have s*x in the show, a close source to the family have come out to speak on the happenings going on as a result of TBoss’ action that night.

The source claims that the family is divided over her action, some saying that she is a disgrace and she always had that tendency since she left for Romania to study. While others are indifferent, saying that it is just a game and whatever she can do to be the top winner of the N25 million is acceptable.

The source further claimed that, those (names & family ties withheld) who are disgusted about her actions are majorly from her nuclear family and have threatened to disown their relationship with her immediately the show is wrapped up. I just wonder if their stand will shift or change if she brings back the N25 million to the house. Anyway, lets keep our fingers crossed for her. Wish TBoss Good luck fixing this.


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