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From a shepherd girl in Morocco to the Minister of Education of France: Meet Najat Belkacem


Meet The first woman and the youngest person at 36 -to ever become the French Minister of Education. As well as first Muslim.)

While some are too busy shouting ‪#‎BanMuslims‬ or ‪#‎BanMoroccans‬, Najat Belkacem quietly reminds us that immigrants are an asset – and that believing in our children and investing in them with the right character traits and the right education literally means the sky is the limit.

For the record, Najat became determined to succeed in politics when she observed the rise of Le Pen (France’s Donald Trump) and the right wing in France. She recalls how at her first fundraiser – as she welcomed guests in and took their coats many mistook her for the house maid. Today, she’s called “The New Face of France.”


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