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See How To Take Screenshots With Your Infinix Phones or Tablet?

Learn how to take screenshots on Infinix phones or tablet without the use of any applications then you are welcome to the right page to solve that question and teach you how to screenshot on your infinix phones. Normally there are lots of applications on Google Playstore that will help you perform screenshot easily but that is a long process to me I must say.

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Instead of downloading applications which will consume part of your memory and also some have ads in them which will end up disturbing your mobile phones. But do you know their a inbuilt function that can allow take screenshots on your Infinix device (both Mobile and Tablet) without actually installing any other application? will if you don’t know that I am going to be sharing with you how you can perform such inbuilt function that allows you screenshot on your Infinix quickly and fast.

Steps On How To Take Screenshots On Infinix Phones or Tablet

This method is very simple and all you are required to do is follow the instructions and for sure you will get it quickly. I will mention some steps below.

Step 1 : Make sure you are on the screen which you want to screenshot

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power Button and Volume down button at same time

Step 3: while pressing the two button together, do not release until you hear a Shutter sound

Step 4: You will get a Notification that your Screenshot has been successfully saved.

Step 5: Locate your gallery, a new folder should appear named “Screenshot” (depending on your phone) there you will be able to locate all the screenshot you take.


Now you can see you don’t need to install any other applications or perform any serious process to actually take screenshots on infinix phone. And that is the inbuilt function or method in which you can take screenshot on infinix phones or tablet easily.


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