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Racist Message Nigerian Lady Received From Georgia Southern University Roommate

A Nigerian student at the Georgia Southern University ‘accidentally’ received a racist text message from her new college roommate, Courtney Schaefer.

According to reports online, Nwamaka had been paired with Schaefer for the next semester so she decided to reach out and send her new roomie a friendly hello text message.
Only for things to go left.

After Nwamaka’s innocent, introductory text message, Schaefer exchanged pleasantries with her soon-to-be roommate and shared a laugh over accidentally calling one another.

Then the unexpected happened.

Another message popped up on Nwamaka’s phone stating “her insta looks pretty normal not too niggerish.”

Realizing she had sent her message to the wrong person, Schaefer immediately apologized to Nwamaka, claiming that her phone auto-corrected the word “triggerish” to the racial slur.

“OMG I am so sorry! Holy crap. Damn spell check I did NOT mean to say that,” she wrote back hastily.

“I was texting Hannah and I meant to say triggerish meaning like you seemed really cool nothing that triggered a red flag! I’m so embarrassed I apologize!”

The screenshots sparked outrage nationwide. Thousands of users flooded Twitter, demanding Georgia Southern University to take action against Schaefer and either suspend or expel her from campus. Many called for her removal from the swim team as well.


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