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Photos: See How flood waters completely Submerged man’s shop In England

A 43-year-old Jan Dickinson, a menswear store owner was confronted with a sight any shop owner will dread. His village of Barrowford in Lancashire suffered severe flooding and his store was badly affected. He waded through the cold filthy waist-high water to save as much stock as he could but he still lost a sizeable quantity.

‘When I arrived to open up, it was already under three feet of water and it was still rising. I had to make the decision about what to do before the water got too deep so I went in. I spent about an hour-and-a-half in the water trying to save as much as I could. The water was absolutely freezing and I now realise how people develop hypothermia so quickly when trapped in water. It was a bit of a panic, really.’ he said


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