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Photos: Meet The Indian Woman Who Gave Birth to 11 Babies At Once

11babiesm Sounds impossible, right? In the year 2012, it was reported that a Parsi woman aged 25 years gave birth to eleven healthy children at a time. It was reported that she delivered the children in a hospital in Surat on 6 Feb 2012. Her pictures as well as her children’s pictures were very popular and widely circulated in the social media.

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They were even nick named with ‘Eleventh Wonder of the World’. In such cases, the babies have mostly died within a few minutes of their birth. But in this case all were born healthy. The doctors were amazed to see the wonder before them.

Are you convinced by the story? Don’t be, because this is nothing more than a hoax. It was just a false story being spread by some notorious people on social media for their enjoyment. They knew how to manipulate images and turn it into an interesting story. And who knew that it will become international news?



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