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Who is “Ismaila Mustapha”? | Meet Lagos Big-Boy Named “Ismaila Mustapha” Who can Give Hushpuppi a Run For his Money

 Mustapha is  the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Mompha Bureau De Change, Lagos Island.  Here’s a photo of him below and his $4million dollars sitting infront of each other with a satisfied smiling face.

Describing this moment, Ismaila said: Well, I never wanted a million dollar face with a dollar in my pocket, That’s fame. I always want millions of dollars in my bank and I careless if nobody knows who I am.

“Ismaila Mustapha” openly admits that money is more important to him than fame and sure knows how to spend it well or at least super rich people do, counting million dollars on a regular work morning.

The Flamboyant Lagos Big boy is also a Gucci and Louboutin lover, he has a lot of Gucci shoes and clothes.



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