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PHOTOS: 4,500 Chinese tourists feast on chicken and beer in South Korea


It could be the best proof of how Korean cuisine culture has penetrated into China: a crowd of more than 4,500 Chinese tourists gathered Monday in the South Korean city of Inchon to make a toast with canned drinks and fried chicken. Largely inspired by the hit Korean TV show, “My Love From the Star,” the union of Korean-style fried chicken and beer has become an extremely popular snack in China.

And that just tells part of the story. Lured by the popularity of Korean cultural exports such as TV shows, movies and K-pop music, an increasing number of Chinese tourists are making trips to this neighboring country marked by its fashion and gourmet.

According to a Reuters report, the number of Chinese visitors to South Korea rose 17 percent in the first two months of the year to 1.07 million, and South Korea expects a record total of eight million this year, generating a significant amount of dollars for the country’s tourism industry. See More Photos Below:

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