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Photos: 31 year old single woman, who longed to wed, hanged herself after struggling to cope with seeing her friends get married  

Danielle Saul, a business development manager who longed to be a bride committed suicide because she couldn’t get a man to settle down with. She began to sink into depression as her friends started to wed while she lived alone with her cat. She eventually took her life after hopes of reconciling with her ex- boyfriend were shattered.

Although she was invited to hen parties and was asked to be a bridesmaid, Danielle sent messages to her best friend saying, “I feel like dying”, as well as a photograph of herself crying.

Tragedy struck in June last year after she went out partying with friends in Manchester city centre when she bumped into a former long-term boyfriend.

She invited the unnamed man and his friends back to the flat she owned in Fallowfield, Manchester, for further drinks but became upset when he left the following day without them reconciling.

She was found dead three days later when a concerned friend visited the apartment after not hearing from her. Tests later revealed she was twice the drink-drive limit and it is feared she “impulsively” took the decision as a “cry for help”.

Her mother Karen, from Preston, Lancs told a Manchester hearing:

“She had had a couple of long-term relationships, one of which was around five years ago, and then that broke up but she still had feelings for him and found it difficult.

“I think she had an overload that weekend with the upset from her previous relationship. She had a difficult time at work a few months prior to that.  At the time quite a number of her friends were getting married and she was going to hen parties and she was going to be bridesmaid and I think she got overloaded with these things and emotionally things became exaggerated.”

Danielle’s best friend Lucy Nixon, who had known her for 15 years, said she met up with Danielle before their planned night out on the Saturday before her death. She said: “She was very down. “She always used very intensive words and we were expressive with one another. Saying, “I feel like dying” would not be unusual. She sent me a photo of herself crying on Saturday.

A post-mortem exam revealed Danielle had 162mg of alcohol in 100mg of blood. The legal limit is 80mg. No note was found with her body.

Source – TheSunUk


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