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Photos: Ivanka and Melania Trump Meets Pope Francis in Rome with their heads covered sparks comparison with their stay in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican today but he did not go on the visit alone. He had with him his wife, Melania, his daughter, Ivanka, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Of note, is that both Trump women were wearing head coverings, a piece of clothing they both went without when they visited the Islamic country, Saudi Arabia.

A number of people noticed this and asked questions. Well, there’s a reason for that and it has been explained by the First Lady’s spokeswoman. She said that Saudi Arabia did not specifically ask both women to cover their hair while visiting but the Vatican protocol is formal black clothing with a veil so the women had to respect that and comply.
In line with the Vatican dress code, Ivanka and Melania wore similar black dresses with very long sleeves that extend to the wrist and a hemline several inches below the knee. They both completed their look with black shoes while Ivanka accessorized with a white necklace.

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