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My Romance, kissing & Accents in the Big Brother Nigeria BBNaija House were fake: Gifty Ajumobi Reveals

Gifty Brian Ajumobi popularly known as Gifty, is a Nigerian actress and model who was undoubtedly one of the most controversial housemates in Big Brother Naija 2017.

The controversial housemate who was evicted on Sunday, February, 19, 2017 revealed her marital status, Thin Tall Tony’s relationship with Bisola and a lot more in an exclusive chat with LIB.

See below:

LIB: What is your reaction to rumors that you used to be a hair dresser in Anambra state?

Gifty: I am not a hair dresser, I have never made anybody’s hair for money. I just love learning, I watch people do something and I pick it up. The uniform photo was from a movie scene.

LIB: What parts of you in the house was a fake?

Gifty: Some parts of me like the romance, kissing and accents were fake. It was part of my game plan before I entered the house.

LIB: There was a time you told your fellow house mates you are a virgin, how true is this?

Gifty: Saying I was a virgin was also part of the game plan. I am not a virgin. I have had ex boyfriends so definitely, I am not a virgin.

LIB: What about your education, you claimed to have good grades

Gifty: I studied Theatre Art in Ghana, had good grades and yes, I graduated with a first class

LIB: There were also rumours that you were married for few months and also an actor came out to claim he is your boyfriend

Gifty: I have never been married before. Would love to get married in the future though but I have never been married. As for the boyfriend, he is an actor and that photo was from a movie, He played as my husband and I played as a foreigner. There is no relationship between us. I even called him and shouted at him. I asked him why he would post such a thing.

LIB: Are you in any relationship?

Gifty: I was in a relationship before I went into the Big Brother house but broke up with him a few days before I traveled for the show. I didn’t want to break his heart because I knew my game plan was going to be very nasty

LIB: What is actually going on between Bisola nd Thin Tall Tony?

Gifty: Bisola and Thin Tall Tony have a thing. I’m just imagining how Bisola will react when she finds out that he is married.

LIB: Does any of the housemates know Thin Tall Tony is married?

Gifty: At a point, I suspected he was married because of the way he answered me when asked him if he was married. One day, two of us were in the kitchen and I asked him ‘are you married?’ he hesitated before saying no he is not. I also asked him if he has a girlfriend and he said no. Thin Tall Tony is serious game player but Bisola is truly falling for him and it’s written all over her. She would be very sad when she finds out he is married.


Source: LIB


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