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Mom Whose Kids Were Abducted By Apprentice Has Attempted Suicide Three Times

Family whose two kids were abducted by their mom’s apprentice is still date  still distressed as the kids four-year-old Farouk and six-year-old Kafayat, who were abducted on November 28, 2016, are yet to be recovered.

 Fatai Azeez, the father of the missing kids told newsmen the family is confused because even after Austin was arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos, the suspect vehemently denied taking the children away.

Azzez claims a police officer in charge of the case at SARS told the family to forget about the children as Austin had been released.

Reports also reveal that the mother of the children, Suliat,  has since the incident happened attempted suicide twice . She was recently taken back to her hometown in Oyo State, where she allegedly attempted suicide again by taking Sniper.

The suspect Austin who presented hrself as Grace John to the family resumed as an apprentice at Suliat’s hairdressing workshop in the Okokomaiko area of Lagos on a Thursday and disappeared with the children same day while their mother was away.

Things took a bad turn when  she sold off a  certain child identified as Oluwasemilore, daughter of a bead artist with whom she was working as an apprentice. The child had allegedly  been adopted as the last buyer’s daughter when Austin was arrested in Badagry.

With no news of her kids, Suliat sunk into depression.

Fatai said,

“Since that time, she could not bring herself to understand how she could lose two children in a day. The first attempt was when she was just throwing herself on the floor and smashed a stool on her own head. She picked a knife and was about to stab herself when people restrained her.
“Shortly afterwards, she wrote a suicide note with a knife by her side. People were, however, able to take the knife from her. When I could no longer bear it, I asked that she be sent to her village in Oyo State for proper care. When there was no one around, she drank Sniper. She has not regained her health since that time.”

“I called and begged him to use all means to get the girl to confess where she kept my children, but he said the girl denied abducting the kids.
“Later, when I called to know what was going on, he said he had already taken the matter to court. When I asked for the name of the court, he said he never told me he took her to court. He appears to have been compromised.”


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