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Mikel Obi’s Girlfriend Olga Allegra Clapsback at Instagram Troll: “There are other ways to a man’s heart than his stomach”

Nigerian football superstar Mikel Obi‘s partner Olga Allegra clapped back at a troll who told her to prepare “African man food” for Mikel after she posted a photo him and one of their children on the dining table eating spaghetti.

My spaghetti 😈 #peanut#ChinaChronicles mastering the fork skills 💕,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

One follower iamjennykedo responded with “@olga_allegra Spaghetti is not an African Man favourite @mikel_john_obi deserves better…. Learn how to prepare Fufu or pounded yam with bitter leaf soup or Oha soup.”

Olga responded to the follower saying: “Long story short. There are other ways to a man’s heart than his stomach 😁I am a legendary cook FYI 😉#koka #NoOneLikesADesperado#GetOutOfTheKitchen#HaveAMomoment #NoFufu#NoPoundedYam #HaveOtherTalents#InstantNoodles ❤🍜”

She later deleted the comment but posted it again as a new post.



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