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“Men want to be treated like babies, so women should help them control their anger” – actress Empress Njamah


While Speaking about Domestic Violence, Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah is of the opinion that women should help their partners control their anger rather than behave headstrong at all times.

This she stated in a new interview with Broadway TV, saying some ladies actually traumatize their partners mentally, rather than care for them like the babies that they want to be treated as.

According to Njamah;

“I would say this, we are talking about domestic violence and this is very serious. A man hits a woman, it’s domestic violence, a woman hits a man, what is it called? No seriously, I love the topic. We are always about domestic violence and then it’s all about the woman. Do you know that there are men who are more beaten up mentally than the women who they beat physically? I am not saying it’s advisable but the truth of the matter is sometimes some women are headstrong and they can actually traumatize their partner mentally. They can actually make them run mad and they probably do not where they probably just hit. A lot of things happen in marriages, it is not a bed of roses. I’m not saying it’s good, but sometimes you need to work together to help the man. If the man is naturally a wife beater or woman beater, you can actually help the man out of it. Her probably must have experienced a lot of things growing up. He must have seen one or two things and inculcated it. But sometimes lets just not put in on the man alone. If a woman hits a man, what is it called? That’s why  overseas you see women beat the guys but they can’t do anything because they don’t want to go to jail. There are women who beat men up.

“Women help the men as well, help them control their anger and also help them to do things, so that everything can actually fall in place. If your husband tells you, hey I think this thing you are doing is too much and you are headstrong, and sometimes their friends could actually advise them wrongly. A man would not just marry you if he’s not in love with you, but when you get into marriage, it’s a different ball game. Basically, it’s a two way thing, Work together and’s not a big deal. Most times these woman push the women into doing things, most times the men are headstrong, stubborn, have experienced stuff, frustrated or it could be any of them. But that’s why you are married for better for worse. Work together and then help the man if that’s the kind of person he is. And if a woman is that kind of person, stop it. That’s why sometimes you see men leave marriage(s) and go marry someone else because they don’t want to hit the woman or divorce. So they get a second wife who will pet them. Men are babies. They want to be treated like babies. That’s the truth.”

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