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Meet The Top (21) Popular Actors With Highest Net Worth In The World (Brief Profile & Biography)

 Nicolas Cage Net Worth

#21 Nicolas Cage, $150 Million

Actually, $25 Million.

Born as Nicholas Kim Coppola, as the son of brother of director Francis Ford Coppola, Cage is best known as ultimate method acting personality, and his passion for method acting reached a personal limit when he smashed a street-vendor’s car to achieve the sense for his character in The “Cotton Club”, in 1984.

He received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and Screen actors Guild Award for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas, and though he has been criticized for his roles in recent years, he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He has been married three times, second marriage was to Lisa Marie Presley, and his third wife, Alice Kim gave birth to their son Kal-El, on October 3, 2005.

Cage and Alice, have been separated since January 2016.

His net worth has been compromised, because of his problems with the taxes.


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