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Meet The Cast Of Popular American-Mexican Television series/Telenovela Titled: Señora Acero, Also Known As Woman Of Steel : Woman Of Steel Cast, Biography, Profile & History

Señora Acero, also known as Woman of steel: La Coyote, is an American telenovela created by Roberto Stopello and it started airing on American broadcast channel Telemundo on 23 September 2014. Produced by Argos Comunicación and Telemundo Studios, and distributed by Telemundo Internacional.

Set and filmed in Mexico, Seasons 1 and 2 tell the story of Sara Aguilar (Blanca Soto),a young female housewife, who by self-indecision ends up becoming the most powerful drug trafficker in all of Mexico to be able to protect her son and her friends. Seasons 3 and 4 focus on the life of Vicenta Rigores better known as “La Coyote” (Carolina Miranda),a beautiful young woman who helps immigrants cross the borders of Mexico to go to the United States, after learning that she is the daughter of Vicente Acero and has the blood of Acero, ends up joining the world of drug traffickers along with her brother Salvador Acero (Michel Duval) so she can continue to help immigrants and defend against injustices.

On 20 February 2018, Telemundo confirmed that the show has been renewed for a fifth season

Sara Aguilar

  • Played by Blanca Soto (seasons 1−2)

Sara Aguilar Bermudez, she is a housewife, Salvador’s mother. After the death of her husband she enters the world of money laundering. One of her biggest enemies is El Indio Amaro who at the end of season two teams up with her to destroy to El Teca and finally she sacrificed her life to save his son at the hands of El Teca from a shot to death.

Aracely Paniagua

  • Played by Litzy (seasons 1−3)

Aracely Paniagua González, she was a prostitute and drug addict, after meet Sara begins to leave the vices. She has a daughter named Elizabeth, daughter he had with Mario Casas. Aracely also dedicates herself to singing a few times. She married former DEA agent Marcelo Doriga and is killed by four shots by El Chaneque.

Vicente Acero

  • Played by Damián Alcázar (season 1)

He is a corrupt commander of the PGE, father of Salvador and Vicenta. Vicente is murdered on the day of his wedding by El Indio Amaro by El Teca’s order, after his death his wife and his entire family learned about their illegal business. In season three, it is confirmed that Vicente had a relationship with Edemilra Rigores, with whom he had daughter Vicenta Acero.

Felipe Murillo

  • Played by Marco Pérez (season 1)

He is a corrupt mayor, husband of Josefina Aguilar, and brother-in-law of Sara. After finding out about the money that Vicente had left hidden, he is in charge of perserguing Sara, so that she can tell him where the hidden money is. He dies crashed in the trunk of a car by Sara and Manuel.

El Indio Amaro

  • Played by Jorge Zárate (season 1−4)

Amaro Rodríguez Mora better known as El Indio Amaro, he is a narco of the Tijuana cartel, at first he was the right hand of El Teca, after his death El Indio became the leader of the Tijuana cartel. Finally is killed and murdered by El Gallo Quintanilla and the Acero brothers.

Mariana Huerdo

  • Played by Rossana San Juan (season 1)

She is the wife of Junio Acero. After Vicente died she joined forces with El Indio to destroy Sara and find the 5 million dollars that were hidden. She dies when falling from a balcony by Junio Acero who also fell.

Eliodoro Flores Tarso

  • Played by Andrés Palacios (season 1)

Eliodoro Flores Tarso better known as Elio, he is a PGE commander who falls in love with Sara and helps her in all his money laundering businesses. Elio has a daughter named Patricia, daughter he had with Vanessa Creel. He is stabbed to death by El Empanada, who was killed by a shot.

Enriqueta Sabido

  • Played by Rebecca Jones (season 1)

She is a hairdresser who is dedicated to making aesthetic operations in your business illegally. She is brutally stabbed to death in jail by an inmate.

El Teca

  • Played by José Luis Reséndez (seasons 1−present)

Acasio Martínez better known as El Teca, he is the leader of Tijuana Cartel, he is obsessed with Sara since they were teenagers, he becomes his biggest enemy, Alvaro and Julian’s father. El Teca has a twin brother named Alfredo Díaz, from Colombia.

In season four, he is confirmed that El Teca had a relationship with leader of the Cali Cartel Briceida Montero, with whom he had son Julian Montero. In the finale of season four it is revealed that he survived 16 shots of Salvador Acero by wearing a bulletproof vest and remained in prison in New York City after the season two.

Manuel Caicedo

  • Played by Lincoln Palomeque (seasons 1−3)

He started working for El Teca as a spy. But then he falls in love with Sara and begins to help her in everything he can. Manuel raised Salvador as his son during the years that Sara was imprisoned. Manuel is shot dead by Chucho Casares and asphyxiated by El Indio Amaro.

Miguel Quintanilla

  • Played by Alejandro Calva (seasons 1−2)

He is the leader of the Jalisco cartel, father of El Gallo and husband of Josefina, Gabriel Quintanilla’s brother and Amparo’s lover. After learning of the betrayal of his son and his wife, he flees away, until El Teca finds his whereabouts and murders him.

Vicenta Acero

  • Played by Carolina Miranda (season 3−present)

Born as Vicenta Rigores, she is one of the most respected coyotes in the entire border. Vicenta is the daughter of Edelmira Rigores and Vicente Acero, half-sister of Salvador. After the death of his mother, Vicenta, Daniel and his clan is main responsibles for unmasking the corrupted Mexican government and destroying Chucho Casáres and Heriberto Roca. She has a relationship with Daniel Phillips.

Daniel Phillips

  • Played by Luis Ernesto Franco (season 3−present)

He is an immigration police officer, Daniel sees his wife and daughter die during an attack he received at Chucho’s orders, after that he only seeks revenge on his family’s murderer. Maintains a relationship with Vicenta. Daniel, Vicenta and his clan is main responsibles for unmasking the corrupted Mexican government and destroying Chucho Casáres and Heriberto Roca. He is used to be with frida and he is the father frida’s son Diego

Chucho Casares es capaz de ocultar bien su doble cara. ¡Conócelo en Señora Acero 3!

Chucho Casáres

  • Played by Sergio Goyri (season 3)

He is a corrupt mayor and corrupted governor of chihuahua, father of Abelardo and Lorena Casares. Chucho is in charge of destroying the entire family of Vicenta. Responsible and intellectual author in the death of the family of Daniel Phillips. After killing his mother, his wife, his comander of PGE Heriberto Ochoa and being persecuted by the authorities, he flees, but Vicenta and Daniel manage to find him and bury him alive in the desert so that the coyotes kill him. After his death the federal PGE found no head, turned out to be one of the subordinates of the corrupted president of Mexico Heriberto Roca.

Edelmira Rigores

  • Played by Laura Flores (season 3)

She’s a prostitute, Vicenta’s mother. After Vicente threatens her and her daughter with death, she flees and asks Chucho for help to protect them both, while she was in refugee in Chucho’s house, she was only mistreated and raped by him.

El Cheneque

  • Played by José María Torre (season 3)

Larry Pérez or El Cheneque, is a hit man who works for El Indio Amaro. Larry murdered Daniel’s family by order of Chucho. After making believe that Josefina had died, I only use it to rape her several times and have a daughter with her. His daughter is called Belinda. Responsible for the murder of Aracely. Finally is shot to death by El Gallo Quintanilla and Daniel Phillips.

La Tuti

  • Played by Ana Lucía Domínguez (season 2−present)

Martha Mónica is a Colombian woman who has been obsessed with Manuel for several years. La Tuti collects dolls to which she names them and believes they are alive. In season 3, he marries Carlos Delgado, a millionaire who inherits all his fortune. In season 4 he joins with Julián to create his own drug cartel and be able to look like Sara.

Indira Cárdenas

  • Played by Gaby Espino (season 3−present)

She is the head of the Department of National Security. After her brother forced her to help her in his dirty business, El Indio blackmails her to help him in everything. Indira is the mother of Nicolás and ex-wife of Jorge. She is dismissed from office for corruption, enslavement, kidnapping, murder of immigrants and Officer Arturo Sánchez.

Julián Montero

  • Played by Diego Cadavid (season 4−present)

Julián Montero, better known as Señor Romero or Julián Romero, is the leader of the Cali Cartel and new leader of the Tijuana Cartel, Julián he is the son of Briceida Montero and El Teca Martínez. Julián passes himself off White Flag lawyer to confuse Vicenta and be able to take revenge on Acero-Quintanilla clan for murdering his mother, his half-brother and his entire family Martínez-Montero dynasty



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