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Meet Nigerian Teenage Actress Regina Daniels: (See Her Biography & Brief Profile)


Regina Daniels is Nigerian star whose acting career is successful in spite of her early years. Born in the artistic family, undoubtedly, she picked her mother’s destiny and became a teen actress. Owing to Regina Daniels’s inborn charisma, unsurpassed talent, and charm she managed to win the affection of public and work with more experienced and no less gifted Nollywood colleagues. . Personal information Regina was born in fall of 2000 (she is only 16 now!).





Rita Daniels, her caring mother, is an actress too. It is known that Rita Daniels has been appointed concurrently as the chairwoman of Delta State Actors Guild. It could be understood as a real tribute to her hard work and a great talent. As for Regina, her daughter, she has inherited acting gift and from her early childhood dreamed about becoming a movie star.

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Luckily, Nigeria is a prolific country in this regard because more than 200 films are made each year in Nollywood. So, little Regina craved to become a part of a fascinating film world. Consequently, she managed to do it after her mother, Rita Daniels, had approved this decision.



Concerning studying, it is not a secret that our adolescent actress is a student of one of the artistic schools of Delta State. Regina and Rita Daniels Creative input Began acting career so early, Regina had to balance studying and being an actress. It should be jotted down that she turn to be not only a promising movie star but also a conscientious, diligent and hard-working student who stands out in her class. So, her thirst for knowledge is also highly commendable and she distinguished herself positively.



Regina made her debut in ‘Marriage of Sorrow’ and, as some journalists snooped around, she has got about 10.000 Naira for her part in the movie. Except for this film, Regina Daniels took part in 9 more works. In 2 movies she worked as a producer. And currently, Regina’s fee has totaled about 500.000 Naira! It is a sheer success! Not bad for a beginning actress, isn’t it? Beneficence One more amazing fact about her personality: R. Daniels set up an annually Children’s Day program based on her own financial resources.


Thus, she is not only a popular and loved actress but also a benefactor and a supporter of kids. No doubts, it deserves respect! To conclude let’s remember the words of E. Fromm who stated that a rich person is not who possesses much but the one who willingly shares with the others. Regina Daniels seems to be a real ‘rich’ personality: besides a prolific acting career, she shares her love, energy, and possibilities with her fans.




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